After School Art Club



Create art projects with Raising Artists at our afterschool ART CLUB program!

Raising Artists afterschool Art Club (for Winter 2024) will deliver educational, creative, and fun art projects in your child’s school.

During our one-hour program, we’ll introduce your budding artist to all manner of artistic mediums, including crafting, drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpting, using a variety of different materials, to create unique masterpieces!

Our team of art educators have developed this program to introduce your child to art concepts and techniques that help them tap into their creativity, explore their feelings, and take pride in their creations! Art education has been proven to contribute to the cognitive, social, and emotional well being of your child. Our Art Club provides an space for your child to learn and create.

Each week at Art Club, our artists have the opportunity to explore a different creative project: to learn about the origins of the expression, to explore different examples of that art form, and to create their own masterpiece.

Please Note: Art Club is only available for students registered at the schools participating in this program. 

Program Type + Location
  • Location: Your Child’s School
  • Program Type: After School Program
  • Grades: 1 – 4

What are the sizes of the class?
  • Number of Students: 10 – 15
  • Number of Art Teachers: 2


The Curriculum
  • Our unique model we have developed incorporates the inquiry-based learning model, The Reggio Emilia Approach, and Process Art through our innovative curriculums in visual arts education. We have also pulled aspects right from The Ontario Art Curriculum, to enhance their overall education.
  • What do you teach?
    We will teach your children the fundamental skills, and techniques that will set them up on a path to develop the foundation of their artistic journey. 
  • What materials do you use?
    We use materials such as acrylic, watercolour and tempura paint, gouache, clay, Sumi ink, graphite, oil pastels, pastels chalk, charcoal, markers, ink pens, and coloured pencils. We sculpt, use clay, college, and craft with an abundance of materials. 
  • If you have anymore questions about the creative exploration that will be happening in the studio over the Fall Term, please send us an email at creative@raisingartists.caor read the FAQ.
Additional Information
  • To ensure your spot, please register on the website.
  • Please make sure you register your child at the correct school. 
  • Spots are limited. 
  • Please no food or drinks are allowed to avoid spills during the programming time.
  • No refunds if you do not show up for your class.
  • Every week your child will take home a different masterpiece exploring a wide range of various art materials.
  • Once you registered your child to one of our workshops…You will receive an “Parent Package”, an informative e-mail stating additional details such as; pick up, drop off, what to expect, open-ended questions to ask your child after the workshop, consent and release photo form, contact information, and so forth. 
  • Please read more about our team: https://www.raisingartists.ca/theteam/ 

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