“We can’t wait to have Raising Artists in our kindergarten classroom again. Rita and Alessandra worked on a Father’s Day gift. They knew the importance of guiding the students through the process vs. telling them what to do. The result was a beautiful expression of stidents’ unique artistic abilities. Parents loved it. It was a joyful and rich experience.” – Larissa Reed, Kindergarten Teacher at Our Lady of Perpetual Help 

“I received an art kit from Raising Artists for my 8 year old and 5 year old and they LOVED it! Not only were their supplies fun and exciting, they were kid friendly. They got to experiment with modelling clay, which they loved and kept them busy! Raising Artists was also such an amazing and professional shop to order from. I highly recommend them!!!!” – Diana Penacho, Mother 

“I had the honour of having Alessandra perform her Picasso workshop with my grade 8 students. The workshop was phenomenal. What I loved about it was that the students got an in-depth lesson on Picasso and Cubism but also learned to be self-reflective (not only through their art but also their goals/aspirations). My students still cannot stop talking about how they loved Alessandra’s approach with planning, and being confident to not be perfect while creating their artwork. Alessandra created such a friendly and vibrant atmosphere even through a virtual setting where her bubbly personality shined. Her passion for the arts, and student well-being is seen throughout the workshop. It was definitely a highlight of our year, and we cannot wait to have her back!” – Filomena Grossi, Teacher at Islington Junior Middle School

“My daughter and I have an extraordinary time whenever we participate in any of Raising Artists activities, like the art kits and workshops. It is great for creative learning. One of our favourite family bonding experiences.” – Carlos Caetano, Father 

“I first worked with Raising Artists as a classroom teacher. Alessandra and her team helped our kindergarten students experience the joy of creativity with their inspiring protects and beautiful materials. My own children have also been luck enough to work with Raising Artists at P.A. Day workshops and to participate in community work such as “The Chalk Project.” This project brought such happiness, not only to our children, but to the entire neighbourhood. Thank you Alessandra and Raising Artists for bringing your passion, inspiration and joy to the children you work with and the adults who love them.” – Katie McDonald, Kindergarten Teacher at Bishop Macdonell

“Alessandra’s love and enthusiasm for art is infectious.  Her passion for what she does can be seen through the time she takes to design her art boxes; the meticulous selection of materials and how she interacts with her community. She gives 150 percent to her students – young and old. She is an absolute ray of sunshine which you can experience first hand by attending one of her workshops or doing one or her art projects!”
– Jennifer Via, Mother 

“I teamed up with Raising Artists years ago because I heard from a friend how interactive the are with children art activities. I am so glad that I contacted them. Everyone working for raising artists has a natural artistic talent followed with a genuine gift for guiding children. I have had them come and host several workshops and paint nights at Welcome Angels Wellness Centre Inc. The workshops always sold out and everyone who participated enjoyed themselves.  I highly recommend connecting with Raising Artists as their team is great and you won’t be disappointed!” – Lucy Basso, Psychic Medium/Reiki Master, Welcome Angels Wellness Centre Inc.

“Wow!! We had SO much fun creating with our kids today. We bonded with our littles, we learned things about our children that helps us better understand them and we let them EXPLORE and get dirty and use their imaginations in ways we couldn’t imagine. Bringing a friend along was so interesting to see how our children created so differently. Gabriel LOVED getting dirty, he used dark colours and loved painting abstract. He painted everything in sight and loved exploring mixing colours. Emily, who is the more calm of the two, kept all her colours separate, she kept her lines closer together and her colours were bright and she HATED getting dirty. These two kids are the best of friends; they hang out almost everyday and although we knew they had their differences, it was so interesting to see them in this element. I strongly encourage you to try out Raising Artists with your child and experience the bond that comes with creating together. Alessandra is an amazing teacher, fantastic with kids and loves art. Worried your little is too young? As long as they can sit up they can attend! Thank you for having us today! We truly made memories to last forever”  -Vanessa Simonetta-Giuliani, CEO at Mommunity

“I first met Alessandra and Rita in my kindergarten classroom where they shared their love of art with our students! They guided them through the process of creating a Nativity scene. The turnout was amazing and each art piece was unique and meaningful to the students! I continue to follow them on Instagram where they continue to express and share their art experiences, love of art, and wonderful creations! So “peoples of the instagram” and all over the world, follow Raising Artists in their journey to make a child’s artistic imagination come to life!!!” – Lunel Barrera, Kindergarten Teacher, Holy Spirit Catholic School 

“Raising Artists has helped to make Art accessible to us wherever the kidz and I are.  Our teens and young adults enjoy the many different mediums used and the ability to be free in expressing themselves.”
-Marjorie Richards, Running With The Kidz

“It has been a absolute delight to partner with Rasing Artists to run art inspired workshops and Sunday School gatherings. We love the energy, creativity and engagement that Alessandra brings to the children! Amazing projects, exceptional leadership and an infectious joy! I highly recommend Raising Artists to any children’s gathering or programs.” – Rev. Dan Cranley, Church of the Transfiguration

“I have been following Raising Artists on Instagram for a few years now. I admired the passion and dedication Rita and Alessandra have for their company and the classes they offered. I had the privilege of hiring them to come and teach a Christmas art activity to our primary division at the school I teach at. They spent days teaching students how to paint the Nativity Scene. From the moment I met Rita and Alessandra, they were both extremely friendly and professional. They were knowledgeable, the art skills and techniques taught during the art lessons were amazing and adjusted for each age group. They were well organized with all their materials and always began their art activity with a mini art history lesson. They showed patience and they kept all students intrigued and focused on their art piece. They guided students step by step and took the time with each student. They fit into our school community so well. All staff members enjoyed having them there and shared many good laughs. I am looking forward to having Rita and Alessandra back into our school to teach more art lessons. I also had the opportunity to work with Alessandra during her “Chalk Project” in the Spring. My boys spent hours outside chalking up the driveway with inspirational quotes and fun drawings. This was done during the first Covid Lockdown. I cannot express enough how much joy this brought to my kids and to all that walked by our home that stopped to read the quotes. My boys loved the reactions they would receive from people from our community. Alessandra and Rita have been extremely helpful during lockdown and constantly posting fun and easy art activities to complete at home that keep my kids busy. I appreciate all they have done and continue to do!” – Michelle Dos Santos, Kindergarten Teacher at St. Charles Garnier

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