“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

Just got off the phone with Benny, and we discussed an exhilarating art escapade we hosted last weekend at his studio. Let me tell you, it was nothing short of magical! Picture this – a room buzzing with excitement, tiny humans finding their spots like eager explorers about to embark on a creative odyssey.

I introduced them to the maestro, Benny, who opened the workshop with tales of his artistic journey – the origins, the studio secrets, and the sheer joy of having us there. As I delved into the significance of Black History Month, the spotlight turned to the revolutionary painter – Clementine Hunter. Imagine painting scenes of history as they unfolded, capturing the trials and triumphs of Black people in the late 1930s or early 1940s, the vibrant flowers, her Sunday celebrations, and the unwavering strength of her Louisiana community.

BHM WorkshopCreativity became the heartbeat of our gathering, seamlessly woven into Benny’s insights. Together, we danced as we chose our colors, and the tiny humans were excited to begin painting away. Enter The Lovely Rita, a master of patience and technique, guiding the tiny humans through drawing our “Zinnia’s In a Pot” on canvas in her yellow jacket. I, Alessandra, leaped in, adding, mixing, and unleashing a kaleidoscope of colors onto our masterpieces. I am consistently trying my best to share a wealth of insights, offering guidance on various aspects such as brush handling techniques, the importance of outlining paint in a specific direction, and more.

BHM WorkshopSo, picture this – right beside us on a towering 6-foot canvas, is Benny painting the final touches of HIS masterpiece. An insider scoop – Benny Bing is currently crafted a breathtaking collection of Black gentlemen – each stroke pulsating with strength and vibrancy, and a celebration of Black essence.

In the midst of our paintbrushes dancing along the canvas, we explored Hunter’s legacy, dove into the depths of Black History Month, and even cracked open the treasure chest of Benny’s creative process – his brush grips, his color choices, and musings on inspiration flowed like a river of artistic wisdom.

And let us not forget… The studio? It was amazing to teach, and have Benny’s magnificent work as our backdrop. It was more than a space; it was an enchanted realm of colour, calm and magic.

BHM WorkshopGuess what? Benny, The Lovely Rita and I are hooked! So much so that we’re gearing up for a sequel. Benny’s invited us back for another rendezvous before the month bids adieu. This time, our gaze turns to the mesmerizing works of Jean-Michel Basquiat, pulling inspiration from one of his iconic pieces.
BHM WorkshopSpaces are limited, dear parents! If you want your child to dive into the awe-inspiring world of Jean-Michel Basquiat, revel in the beauty of Black History Month, and create alongside like-minded young artists in a stunning and inspiring studio, with Benny Bing, the Lovely Rita, and myself – this is the golden ticket!!

Here are all the deets you need to secure a spot for your budding artist.

Age: 4 – 9 YO
Program Type:
Studio Workshop
Date: Saturday, February 24, 2024
Time: 10:00 am – 11:15 am
Location: Benny Bing’s Studio
Address: 35 Tubman Ave.
Artist Study: Jean-Michel Basquiat
Art Project:
Pez Dispenser, 1984
Medium: Paint
Register Here: https://www.raisingartists.ca/product/the-black-history-month-workshop/

Benny, The Lovely Rita and I are eagerly awaiting the next stroke of brilliance with your tiny humans!

Until then,
The Art Teacher