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Invite Raising Artists into your home

“I believe children have a huge amount of creative capacity. If we do not encourage them to develop this creativity as they grow, or provide them with the materials they need, or the innovations to help them create, they will not creatively evolve.” -Alessandra, Founder

Our art kits delivers artistic education right to your door. The works of these decorated artists such as Picasso, Da Vinci and Kalho and more, have defined the ideas of art and creativity in history. Our goal, is to put your child in the hands of these masters as they learn to create!
Education is a pillar of our mission. As such, we used the Inquiry-based learning model, and the Reggio Emilia Approach, to create our products. Each art kit is curated to explore every corner of your child’s imagination and deepen their learning of the creative process. Whether a novice or an expert, our premium art supplies and various sensory materials will help your budding artists create their own masterpieces, and become one of the greats!” – Rita, CFO
All of the art kits come with instructions for the parents on how to facilitate the environment, a step-by-step educational video tutorial by our Art Educators for your child to follow along with, and all of the art supplies and materials your child will need to create a masterpiece.
See what’s in an art kit, watch us unpack one!


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