Home Series Workshops


Family Flash Cards
The Eccentric & Wild Pom Pom
Braid Up
Doodlers’ United
Alberto Giacometti Miniature Sculpture
Melted Crayon Art
Noise Makers
Colour Wheel, Rainbows, and Colour Cards.. Oh my!
Architecture for Children
Homemade Watercolour Paint
Mona Lisa Parody
Perler Beads Jewelry
Sidewalk Paint
Yarn Bracelets
Kandinsky’s Flowers
Egg Carton Flowers for Mom


The Color Wheel
Doodlers United
Rainbow Stencil
The Art Looking Lesson Questions
Plain Egg
4 Eggs
Swirl Egg
Zig Zag Egg
The Art Word Search
Mona Lisa Parody
Famous Faces Parody

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