Our Philosophy





Raising Artists is a female owned business, we promote meaningful artistic experiences that encourage creativity and allows the child to follow their imaginations, passions, creative purpose, and explore self-expression. The philosophy we live by builds on the positive relationship between parent and child, and fosters the bond at the heart of curiosity, early learning and child development.

Raising Artists brings creativity right you your door, our mobile studios are buzzing with brilliant educators, fellow creatives, ingenious artists, children who are passionate about art, and other like-minded families within the community.

Our vision instills a creative practice early on in the child, it will help them learn to channel their feelings, take pride in their strengths, and have the confidence to use their voice.

Our mission is to make a child’s artistic imagination come to life through fun, creative, and original educational art workshops. We contribute to the cognitive, social, and emotional well being of your child, while providing a profound opportunity for learning and creativity.

Our unique model incorporates the inquiry-based learning model, The Reggio Emilia Approach, and Process Art through our innovative student and family centred curriculums in visual arts education.