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“You the parent and I the Educator, are creating an extraordinary space for the creative mind to grow”.
– Alessandra, Founder

So you aren’t sending your child back to school. You’ve gone online and ordered your curriculum from The Ontario Ministry of Education’s website, you’ve hired a Science touter because Science isn’t your strong suit, you’re not about to teach the fundamental concepts, and you’ve even searched google and typed the “Benefits of Homeschooling”, however, have you thought about the Arts?


To add a second, or additional children to these classes, please click “Add An Additional Child” for a fee of $25 per child per week.

For more than 5 children, we add an Art Assistant to the mix for an additional fee, please see below.

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The Arts are as important as academics, and they should be treated that way, and so now you have the power to do so. Through our Art Education Program, students develop skills like resilience, grit, and a growth mindset to help them master their craft, do well academically, and succeed in life. Studies have shown that the arts help improve Self-Confidence, Cognition, Communication and a deeper Cultural and Self-Understanding. Using both the Inquiry-based learning model, and the Reggio Emilia Approach, we have carefully selected the mediums that your child will create with. Throughout these classes, we will engage your child in Art History, discussions on the creative process and encourage creativity through music and age-appropriate literature. We feel that the greatest gift we can give students — and humanity — is an understanding, appreciation, and the ability to create Art, while comprehending the history.

Each class is 2 hours long, class will take place once a week, and we allow 1 – 4 children per class. You can book a class with your child alone, with their siblings, cousins or their friends who are in their age group, grade, and social bubble.


2 Weeks: Two classes, two hours each class, for one child for $280
4 Weeks: Four classes, two hours each class, for one child for $540
8 Weeks: Eight classes, two hours each class, for one child for $1,050

Please Note:

  • All staff is required to wear masks, we come equip with hand sanitizer and lysol wipes.
  • More than 5 children, we add an Art Assistant to the mix for an additional $40.
  • We provide your child with all the necessary tools and art supplies.
  • Travel Time will be applied/included under the automobile allowance rates for 2020/2021 with Mobile Workshops.
  • A member of our team will contact you after registration to discuss dates and curriculum that will be designated for your individual child’s homeschooling classes.
  • All prices exclude taxes.
  • If you have any questions prior to booking, please contact us at 647-427-0920, or email creative@raisingartists.ca.

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2 Weeks -2 classes, 4 Weeks – 4 classes, 8 Weeks- 8 classes