The Pollock Project


Present your child with the invitation to create and explore with this sensory rich box.

Your child is invited to assemble together various abstract and colourful materials to make a masterpiece. This is a great process based experience that will engage children ( of all ages ) for hours on end. We give your child the opportunity to glue, cut and tape with the awesome materials, even when they aren’t making something recognizable, like Pollock’s Autumn Rhythm (Number 30). They are learning how to problem solve, discover and manipulate new materials, explore their imaginations and create an elaborate opened-ended work of beautiful process art.

  • Age 2 and up 

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We have provided you with everything you will need to create an exclusive masterpiece!

Here is what’s included in your Art Kit:

  • All the tools and top quality art supplies you will need for this project.
  • A step-by-step pre-recorded video tutorial by one of our incredible art teachers.
  • A parent hand out used to help set the environment for your child to create in.
  • Written instructions, in addition to our step-by-step pre-recorded video tutorial, for the choice and comfort of the parent and child's preference.
  • Our eco-friendly, 100% recyclable reusable box, which can be used to hold all your loose art supplies, and that you can also decorate (woohoo - another art project).

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Watch the unboxing of The Pollock Project