I have had the pleasure of knowing KM since grade 7. We attended elementary school together, later the same high school, followed by traveling with each other and the rest is history. Fast forward to present day… KM and I are still great friends. We routinely walk together 2 mornings a week, are constantly bouncing and brainstorming business ideas off each other, and have made it our mission to find the best coffee shops in the city. KM is an award winning certified Personal Trainer, a health coach and a fitness and wellness blogger. She is the founder of the brand STRONGERWITHKM – a wellness brand with a focus on movement so that you can live your strongest and happiest life. 


I have started to personally train with KM twice a week beginning June 1st, and in a few short weeks, along with her expertise, she is helping me move in a way that my body feels good. She oversees my food selections, and has been an unbelievable aid in the lifestyle change I am currently making. KM has been extremely supportive, very knowledgeable and incredibly compassionate and helpful in this difficult ( yet rewarding ) journey for me. However, I feel SO good. I am seeing improving my quality of sleep, reduction in my anxiety, my strength, such as my endurance when walking up the stairs, or carrying the heavy crates filled with paint. Needless to say, I’m starting to fit into my old jeans!! This decision to move with KM is up there with, “one of the best life choices I have made”. I am definately stronger, and so much happier since I have started with StrongerWithKm. 

I know what we do at Raising Artists is magic, and your children think so too. Every workshop we facilitate is filled with education, fun, and the freedom for your child to creatively express themselves – lets not mention the glitter! This is why we are collaborating with KM… She’s the glitter – her workout classes are fun, low-impact, 40-minute light movement, and she is a vessel of knowledge and your body will thank you for it later. Even if you’ve never worked out before – KM will assist you in feeling like a rockstar.

Honestly, how cool is it that you will be working out with KM, and your child will be creating with Raising Artists in Humewood Park at the same time?!?! What better way to spend a Saturday morning! 

We still have a few spots left, so make sure you register ASAP: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/ra-x-swkm-movement-art-in-the-park-w-your-budding-artists-tickets-366755213717

Until then, 
The Art Teacher