01. Parent & Child Painting Workshops

02. Private Workshops

03. Community Project




  1. 01. Parent & Child Painting Workshops

    "Our daughter Avani loves to explore creativity and we thought we would see how she would like one of the Raising Artists Painting Workshops. Well, she loved it. She actually also learned some techniques and color mixing, which for a 3 year old is challenging. Alessandra and Rita were patient and encouraging and helped Avani’s vivid and outgoing personality to focus and create—all while exploring and having fun. We will be going to another workshop soon!!"

    - Geetika & Ren (Parents) with Avani, age 4

    explore creativity in a painting workshop

  2. 02. Private Workshops

    "For a moment, I forgot what it was like to paint. It's whimsical and nostalgic. And when you paint with your little partner in crime, there is no telling where your canvas will wind up... It's simply spellbinding! Thank you Raising Artists for helping me to remember!"

    - Orienta (Mother) with Aimee, age 3

    private workshops with parent and child

  3. 03. Community Project

    "This was a wonderful learning experience for me and my little cousin Julia to take part in. She was able to gain new skills and techniques from the Raising Artists staff. Most importantly she learned that it is ok to make mistakes. She also learned an essential aspect of women’s history that has inspired her in other areas of her life. Seeing the interaction between our young artists and their mentors illustrated what true community is really about. Thank you Raising Artists!"

    - Lisa (Older Cousin) with Julia, age 11

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  4. 04. ARTIST

    "The only word I can use to summarize what Raising Artists has accomplished is AMAZING!!!! The project was a wonderful idea and what a perfect execution. The hard work from Raising Artists will continue to serve kids of the community and make a true impact on people's lives. As one of the Artists I am expressing my sincere thanks for having been invited to participate in The Great Leaders Community Project. I am learning myself, and when given the opportunity to help someone get to my level, I appreciate the creative process even more. My student was brilliant and I enjoyed spending the morning watching her creativity surface. In my opinion this Community Project was... Creative! Special! Impressive! Bravo, Alessandra and Rita!"

    - Gaetano 

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  5. 05. STAFF

    "This is a rewarding program for not only the young artists, but for the parents and volunteers as well. Alessandra's unique and well-executed vision is giving our community the means to appreciate the magic of creativity. The best part is observing how the children bring their visions to life, and given this opportunity, get messy and excited about their creations."

    - Joseph, Left

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    "I attended and volunteered at a few of the Raising Artists Parent and Child Painting Workshops and The Great Leaders Community Project. Alessandra is very detail-oriented and makes her ideas come to life. She engaged with all the parents and children, and her love of art was contagious. I was impressed with her ability to motivate the children to express their ideas and paint them right on the canvas. I am looking forward to working with Alessandra at her future Raising Artists workshops and upcoming Community Project for 2016."

    - Maria, Right


    Raising Artists volunteers

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