The Delivery Map

How does Delivery work?

How does Pick Up work?

We offer curb side pick up at 73 Pinewood Ave. on Mondays and Saturdays from 10 am – 2 pm. Text us or call us at (647) 427 – 0920 to let us know when you are on your way, and we will have your package ready.

If you text us or call from the car when you are outside of the home studio, we will bring the package to you.

Where are you located?

We run a mobile business and have been working out of our home studio at 73 Pinewood Ave. We have been taking all precautionary measures, such as sanitizing all products that we purchase from our suppliers before we bring them in. We have been building and packaging boxes with gloves and masks, and have scaled down our team ( from 9 people to 2 people ) so that the footprint is smaller and safer in our home studio for us, and for you.

How do I pay?

Right here on our website. Please click the “Add to Cart” and follow the steps to complete the purchase. All transactions are to be made online, as we do not accept cash.

Why are you charging a delivery fee?

We have scaled down our team for now, and are a small business completing packaging and delivery on our own, so that the footprint is smaller and safer for your packages. 

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