The Mural Project



The Mural Project is something that the Raising Artists’ team

and Kellz Photography dreamed up together.

We wanted you to explore the creative beauty in your city, learn how to observe art like a pro which will lead you to critically think
outside of the box, record your findings on our awesome passport booklet we are gifting you, and then create your own
inspired masterpiece with materials you have at home. We have also supplied you with playlists inspired by the mural
to get you in the creative mood, prompt questions, template, printouts and more. 

But that’s not all, whomever completes this project first receives a special art kit ( not yet launched to the public ).

Click here to watch Kellz and Alessandra speak about all things Mural Project before you dive into this creative adventure! 


The Passport Booklet


  • In this passport booklet, you will record your interesting findings. You’ll have to let us know that you require the passport booklet, and we will reserve one for you. These are complementary and are located at The Outdoor Studio on Bathurst and St. Clair. Please contact us at
On Location

Are you ready to dive into all of the fun?

This particular mural of was created by Artist: Anya Mielniczek and she painted Frida Kalho. Did you know that Frida is a self-taught Mexican artist? When she painted, she exaggerated her facial hair in her self-portraits, and always wore bright colours and flowers in her hair. 

Location: 1009 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6H 4B2

We have curated a playlist for you, with songs that remind us of Frida, her heritage and even songs from the Frida movie. Click on the link, and you’ll have access to our Spotify playlist. You can listen to these songs as you are observing the mural, your car ride to the mural, or as you are creating your masterpiece.

Click here for your Spotify Playlist

Below are prompt questions for your budding artists. Ask them about the mural, and these will help inspire your child to critically think about what they are looking at and how to observe art: 

At this point, you should be observing the mural. Pause for a minute with your child and take it all in. Make sure you have your passport or notebook ready. Encourage your child to jot down notes, or even create a sketch if they want.

While On Location

How was it? How was the mural? The conversation?

I wish I could have been there with you, however, I am so glad that you are experiencing this, and hopefully being inspired on your adventure.

Did you know that Frida is famous for often wearing flowers in her hair and using them in her paintings as a celebration of her Mexican heritage? In the next module, we have provided you a printout of Frida, and as you can see she is an unfinished product – there are no flowers in her hair. Together we are going to finish Frida, and give her flowers in her hair.


Back At Home

We have recorded this awesome tutorial for you to follow along, and to create your very own masterpiece. This art activity was inspired by the beautiful mural that we have been observing by artist Anya Mielniczek. So collect your materials, click on the link below, and let us begin to create together.

Click here for your Instructional Art Tutorial

Here is what you will need:

  • Paper ( scrap paper, construction paper, newspaper, any type of paper )
  • Scissors
  • Glue ( glue stick or glue gun )
  • Markers ( or crayons, pencil crayons, paint – whatever you love to use and already have!)
  • The FK Worksheet ( you will also need to download this worksheet.)
I have also incorporated numerous other materials that we had kicking around the studio. So watch the first few minutes of the instructional art tutorial, and if you have those materials too, you can also use them for this activity. 


Additional Information for Parents

Encourage your child to elaborate on their answers or use the artwork as a starting point for telling a story. Open-ended questions will help develop critical thinking skills in your child. By taking an interest in their work, you are supporting them and helping them express their own ideas scientifically, observe what is occurring, and finally we will go through the creative process to see what our findings are.


To Conclude The Project

We reached out to the Muralist who created this stunning work of art, Anya Mielniczek. We discussed with Anya the importance of an artist’s work in society, how she gives nature a voice through her art, and the Frida mural that you just saw.

Watch the interview with the artist by clicking the link below.

Interview with Anya

For more information or to connect with Anya, please visit her website:


Please connect with us…

…Through our social platforms: Instagram, Twitter or Facebook – we’d love to see your creative process and the masterpiece that you have created with your hands, heart, your head and a little bit of inspiration
from Raising Artists. 

Remember, whomever completes this project first receives a special art kit ( not yet launched to the public ).

Kind Regards,

Raising Artists + Kellz Photography