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Alessandra has a background in Art History, Early Childhood Education and Child Psychology. She began her educational career teaching preschoolers with the City of Toronto, Parks, Forestry & Recreation. She holds degrees from Seneca College and Ryerson University; and recently completed a Creative Entrepreneurship Business Program. After completing her education, and participating in classes and workshops at various art studios and the Art Gallery of Ontario, Alessandra quickly recognized the need for a revolution in arts education. She founded Raising Artists as a way to engage children and the community through painting.

Alessandra is an expert in assisting individuals to realize and reach their full artistic potential. With this strong conviction, she lives out her passion by developing, designing, and managing innovative artistic programs with the goal of unlocking each child’s inherent creativity.



Rita is a retired Legal Secretary, has a background in business, as well as the business of raising a creative family. As a mom, she fostered her children’s creativity through exposure to a wide variety of art forms and encouraged them to seek joy in the arts, as well as innovative and independent thinking through creative expression.

Rita sees that the quality time parents spend with their children is constantly encroached upon by the demands of a fast-paced life. She feels privileged to give families a break from those demands and welcome them into a world of curiosity and exploration.

Rita Moretti


We fill the room with a phenomenal team of Creatives, Parents, Teachers, Early Childhood Educators, and Artists who all have professional training and experience in early childhood education, visual arts, and/or art history.

We as a community are here to encourage, guide, and support you and your child; whether they need assistance to hold a paintbrush, to exploring the colour wheel.

Our outstanding team is here to assist educating parents on how to foster a child’s creativity, as a foundation for critical thinking in various subject areas; while  providing everything you would possibly need to allow you and your child to translate your imagination on to a blank canvas, in every colour you can imagine!

We firmly believe that we are working together as a community to raise an artist!

The Raising Artists Team

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