This spring break (April 12th – 16th) join us live online for our Unicorn Spring Break Camp as we explore, build, and create amazing Unicorn crafts!

When you register your budding artist for Unicorn Spring Break, we’ll send you one of our magnificent art kits!

In our magnificent art kit we include: – 

  1. Daily parental instructions on how to set up the creative environment;
  2. Educational worksheets to guide your artist through each of their daily activities;
  3. All the materials needed to create 5 Unicorn masterpieces!  

Your budding artists will learn different styles of creating, use unique materials, and increase their knowledge and appreciation for the arts. All crafts are based in Social Emotional Learning, and focus on development of fine motor skills, craftsmanship, and technique. 

We guarantee an educational, fun, interactive, entertaining, and super exciting week for your child! 

Plus you have ME, a live Art Teacher on the other end. I am so thrilled to be teaching, inspiring and fostering creative confidence with your budding artists.  

To register or learn some more information, click Here!

Until then, 

The Art Teacher