Last year The Mural Project was something that the Raising Artists’ team and Kellz Photography dreamed up together.

The Mural Project is a unique way to explore the creative beauty in your city, learn how to observe art like a pro which will lead you to critically think outside of the box. We provided you with all the tools, such as a passport booklet, to record your findings and then create your own inspired masterpiece with materials you have at home.

In this project, we had also supplied you with playlists inspired by the mural to get you in the creative mood, prompt questions, template, worksheets, and printouts. 

Our favourite part, we located the artist who created the fabulous mural and interviewed them – the discussion was phenomenal. We were reminded of the importance of creativity, how the creative process of a mural unfolds, and where the artists pull her inspiration from. That’s not all, whomever completed this project first received a special art kit last year. 

This year we are going to be conducting the same sort of learning model, only with a completely different mural. On Friday, July 1st our team, and Kellz Photography are launching a second mural project for summer 2022, so that the creativity and learning can continue to bloom. 

Click here explore what The 2021 Mural Project was all about, and guess what? You can still be part of the magic and explore this beautiful piece of art in your city – everything is still up for you to participate with your child.

Stay tune to our social media for more information on the launch of The 2022 Mural Project.