Let me set the stage, the first time I saw Tiffany Pratt she was wearing pink glittery uggs. I didn’t know who she was, but I knew I wanted to meet that Woman!

As I learned more about Tiffany I felt seen as a Creative, she wasn’t afraid to wear stripes and poke dots, she really stepped into her innovative soul, and if the mystical unicorn was a human, it would be colourful and effervescent Tiffany Pratt. 

I adored TP because her Enterpenurial sprit has lead her into so many amazing directions.  Tiffany is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary designer. She supports corporate clients and the public on projects ranging from creative direction, product design, interiors, colour consultation, Author, podcaster, personal stylists, and so much more.  TP wasn’t just one thing, she was many things. As a creative I deeply resonate to that, like I said I felt seen. I didn’t need one name or wear one hat. I could be the business woman, the entrepenure, the art teacher, the curator the artist and so much more. Seeing a Woman like TP and watching her success grow over the years really help the process of stepping into my skin. My journey wasn’t like any other persons that I knew, and knowing her really opened that up for me. 

So of course I asked my colourful mentor if I could interview her for our Women Who Rock blog segment. When I think of TP, I think if the job of your dream is not out there, then you need to create it yourself. 

When I asked TP to finish this sentence, my heart exploded with her answer…“Women are…” and she answered, “Badassery.”

To listen to Tiffany Pratt’s Podcast, tap on the Spotify icon.

We were extremely grateful for the opportunity to have interviewed the wonderful Tiffany Pratt. I hope you were inspired by this Woman Who Rocks! 

Until then, 


All photographs were taken by Tiffany Pratt’s photographers and pulled from her social media.