01. Parent & Child Workshop

02. Private Workshops

03. Paint Night

04. School Workshops

05. PA Day Workshops

06. Birthday Parties

  1. 01. Parent & Child Workshop

    Try something different with your kid! Explore and develop their artistic abilities, while challenging your own...

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  2. 02. Private Workshops

    Unleash your child’s creative potential with Raising Artists in the comfort of your own home.

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  3. 03. Paint Night

    Attention Adults! We are here to emerge the artist in you. Raising Artists will be hosting Paint Nights!

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  4. 04. School Workshops

    Attention Principals, Teachers, ECE's and Parents! This interactive art workshop for the classroom setting will bring out the little artist in everyone!

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  5. 05. PA Day Workshops

    Thees day will be filled with fun themes with our thematic age-appropriate library materials, paint, sketchpads, crayons, a variety of loose parts and creative resources, and of course, the canvas.

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  6. 06. Birthday Parties

    Planning a birthday party? Make it a painting party! There are several options to choose from. Check out the birthday page for all the details!

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