As you may know, I am new board member at Toronto Artscape Inc., an organization that positively impacts the lives of artists and fosters vibrant communities in Toronto. Artscape makes space for creativity and transforms communities We believe that there is a symbiotic relationship between thriving artists and thriving communities. The core of our work focuses on developing real estate projects, programs and services to empower artists and connect them to communities.

As a not-for-profit organization based in Toronto, we collaborate with artists, community leaders, public policy advocates, philanthropists and urban developers, so that our work builds value for everybody.

In 2006, Artscape coined the term “creative placemaking” to describe what we do. Today, there is a global community of practice involved in creative placemaking that seeks to leverage the power of arts and culture as a catalyst for cultural, community and urban development.

 You’ve likely heard that the pandemic has been especially challenging for artists.  While we are hopeful for a return to normalcy as the city reopens, our artists continue to struggle.  Many have suffered extreme income loss as physical venues and galleries have been shuttered, live work space is unavailable or too expensive to rent or buy, and opportunities to collaborate with one another remain limited. 

 In order to support Artscape and our community of artists rebuild and recover from the pandemic, I will be participating in a fundraiser along with my fellow board members for the Toronto Artscape Foundation, all in aid of Artscape artists.  

I need your help to help me help artists, with your assistance – I can reach my goal. All funds we raise will go to the Toronto Artscape Foundation. 

Please support me as I teach youth how to “Paint Like Pollock” with art kits and together we will be creating the largest, virtual, collaborative, Jackson Pollock painting ever with a personal goal of raising $10,000. The Toronto Artscape Foundation is raising $150,000 in their Together for Artists campaign. 

 To donate, and more information please visit:
If you have any questions about the Paint Like Pollock” project, Artscape, or how the foundation supports Artscape artists, please feel free to contact me at

 Thank you for your time.

Until Then,

The Art Teacher