We are hustling hard. We have lived in a world of pivoting for the last 300 + days. I know you have too, but this is our story.

We have been conducting outdoor workshops for the last year with no Covid cases and no issues. We take the Ontario Public Health measures very seriously. We now have parents scared to register because of fines that will be placed due to our current provincial shutdown.

How is that fair for parents to feel like this?
Haven’t their children suffered through enough this past year?

Our Art Teachers clean and sanitize all of the art materials and tools before and after each class. This is for your safety and also for the safety of my team. All children and team members are required to wear masks. We supply hand sanitizer, and ask each child to sanitize their hands before entering the art workshop as well as during.

I was devastated to see Haley Bogaert, small business owner’s post regarding crowding at Yorkdale Mall this past weekend. How does marketing, building or planning ahead even work in a situation like this?

However bravo Haley for your courageous act of awareness, this is how we as small business owners stand united!

Approximately 70% of my business was conducted in schools. Yes, we are working virtually with them but there is much uncertainty with schools consistently being shut down with outbreaks. A perfect example, schools just closed in Toronto until May 6th. Our business cannot be consistent. This makes it incredibly difficult to continue running our business. Most of our clientele is children under five, do you know what it’s like to teach virtual workshop to a child under five?

Being an entrepreneur in normal circumstances is hard, you can’t imagine being an entrepreneur, owning a small business, and navigating in today’s circumstances.

How does one do this?
What is the toll it takes financially?
What about emotionally?

With all that said, I kindly ask you to consider signing the petition located here in our post, in order for small businesses, like Raising Artists, to operate at some capacity. So many have already been closed and the rest of us are just hanging on. 


Please help our voices be heard.

Until then,

The Art Teacher