I believe it is extremely important to give back to the community in which you live and work. Raising Artists has collaborated with various groups, individuals, and organizations over the past 8 years to bring awareness to important issues through the language we know best: art.

The Humewood House has helped Toronto’s most vulnerable single parents and their children make their way in the world. In addition to helping young women give birth to healthy babies and transition into motherhood, Humewood House helps them plan and develop goals for their future.

This year, Raising Artists has teamed up with KM, a certified personal trainer, health coach and founder of STRONGERwithKM, Amy Deacon, founder of the Toronto Wellness Counselling, Filomena Grossi, ESL teacher and owner of Sorry Martha, and lastly Grazie Ristorante, to bring the women of Humewood House a beautiful (belated) two-day Mother’s Day experience. 

KM will kick off the first session of our first day with a guided meditation and full body stretch followed by a talk led by Amy on the importance of our mental health as well as a guided meditation to close out the first day.  

Grazie Ristorante will cater lunch on the second day, with dessert provided by Filomena. To end off our two-day event,  Raising Artists will conduct an art workshop, and teach mothers artistic and developmental activities to assist their child’s creative process.

We’re very excited to be able to give back to our community and the Humewood House with this two day Mother’s Day event to support and celebrate the women of the Humewood House.  

Until then,

The Art Teacher